Betwext Remind API

The Remind API allows you to create, update, and destroy reminders in any of your Betwext Remind accounts.

Because the API is based on RESTful principles, creating applications that utilize the API is quite easy. You can use just about any language that supports HTTP to interact with the Remind API, and can even view many resources in a standard web browser.

Request Security

All Betwext API requests are served over HTTPS to ensure data privacy.

How To Get Started

You need a Betwext Remind account in order to use the API. In your account settings, take note of your API Key and Token. PLEASE KEEP YOUR TOKEN SAFE - it's like a password. You'll use these to authenticate all function calls to the Remind API.

Base URL

All Remind API URLs in this document have the following base:

Following the base URL, there is a version number - this is expressed as a year-month-day string, allowing updates to occur without interrupting service to applications using the previous version of the API. With the version date string, all API URLs have the following base: