Never forget the little things again.
Remind lets you quickly and easily setup text alerts for the things you need to do,
all without cluttering your calendar.

Send a text, get a reminder at the time you specified.

We all have calendars cluttered with small reminders. Pick up milk after work. Call for a haircut tomorrow. Oil change Friday at 1:00. Remind was designed to fix this problem - simply text your task to your Remind phone number, and at the time you specified you'll get a text back reminding you to perform that task.

"Haircut at Salon Azul Thursday 1:30 PM."

It's truly that easy, and best of all, Remind is free. Yep. 100% free. Don't pay us a cent, and use it as much as you'd like.

Manage your reminders with our web interface

Sitting at your computer all day? No problem. Remind also has a web interface for easy reminders sent from your browser straight to your phone when you need them.

Don't replace your calendar - complement it.

Remind isn't designed to replace your calendar. Instead, Remind is here for those pesky little tasks that really don't have a place on your calendar at all. Think of it as a personal assistant who's always here to help you remember all those little things that make up your life.

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