Send Text Messages from your Computer

Send messages to a mobile phone or have them initiate the conversation with
you and have all those conversations in one central dashboard with stats.
Betwext Talk Dash demo
A Central SMS Command Center

Talk allows you to have conversations with any mobile user via text message from your browser. A centralized location for all your mobile communications. Route your courier drivers or messengers, setup real-time local text support, etc. Anywhere you'd have a person in-office that would need to instantly send/receive messages to different people.

Browser Compatibility: ALL
Mobile Compatibility: Any that receives SMS
iPad: Yes


Talk was quickly built at Startup-Weeekend then re-engineered at Twilio Conference 2011. Talk is in private beta to those who can deal with a few minor bugs and report them to help make the product better. Use the email form to get in touch for the beta and we'll be in touch.

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