We're Serious About SMS
Put your text marketing needs in the hands of professionals with Betwext's redundant app servers and scalable message grid providing the highest rate of deliverability and reliability possible.

Scalable Virtual Architecture

Since Broadcast contains multiple products with multiple servers for each product, this means a higher server bill for us, and increased scalability and availability for you. Hosted by Media Temple, Broadcast's app servers are scalable at a moment's notice, and in the event of an outage, our redundant message sending and receiving grid is still operational—meaning your message campaigns and keyword receiving stays active no matter what.

Message Sending and Receiving Grid

Shared short codes on single servers are slow and unreliable. Broadcast's scalable message sending grid ensures that your messages are not only delivered as quickly as possible, but queued to the major cellular carriers faster than the competition. If an outage happens with one of our applications, all message I/O continues to operate as if no interruption had occurred.